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FAQ | Advertisers
FAQ | Publishers
  • What is an advertiser?
    An advertiser buys ad space on a site. The ads run for 30 days at a time and are auto renewed unless they are cancelled by the advertiser.

  • How much does an ad cost?
    The price is set by the publisher who owns the site the ad runs on. You can browse ads HERE.

  • How do I become an advertiser?
    Anyone can buy Ads on Daybeam. Just browse through our directory, find a site you want to advertise on, and add one or more ad spots to your cart. You then set up an account and upload your banner ad image. Once you've provided your billing info and the publisher has approved the ad, it goes live!

  • How do you pay?
    We currently only accept payment via PayPal. You will need a PayPal account. Once you create an account you set up a billing agreement with Paypal. You can then buy ads with a click of a button and we will bill you out through PayPal every 30 days until you cancel the ad.

  • Can my ad get denied?
    Once you purchase the ad spot it has to be approved by the publisher. If it gets denied you will be refunded 100% of the payment you made for the ad spot.

  • Can I see ad activity?
    We give you detailed analytics on your ads. You can see how many clicks you get and how many views for each ad.

  • What is a publisher?
    A publisher is someone who sells ad space on their blog or site. If you are interested in becoming a publisher, let us know here.

  • What does it cost to become a publisher?
    There is no cost to list your site with us. If advertisers buy space on your site, we take a 25% commision on each sale.

  • Why would I list my site on Daybeam?
    We bring attention to your site and help bring in income that you wouldn't have had otherwise. We handle every aspect of the ad sales process. We also have a sales team that is dedicated to contacting potential advertisers and selling your ad space for you! It's simple, free and easy!

  • How do I get paid?
    If you have a positive balance of over $20 in your account, you can request a balance tranfer to PayPal at any point. There is no cost to do this other than the inital 25% charge we deduct from any ad sales.

  • Can I refuse an ad?
    If you do not like an ad, you do not have to publish it. You can simple decline it and it will not be published on your site. (NOTE: we reserve the right to approve ads if we have not heard from the publisher within 24 hours of the sale)