Daybeam FAQ’s

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Getting Started & Using Daybeam

The answers you need for a speedy and hassle-free onboarding process. 

Do I need any specific hardware or software to use Daybeam?

Daybeam is designed for use across a wide range of devices, platforms, and browsers. Access Daybeam from any internet-connected device and begin tracking hours in real time.

Can I use Daybeam on my mobile device?

Yes. Daybeam makes it simple to track time worked on tasks no matter where you or your team members are working. Simply log in to Daybeam from any internet-connected device and start tracking your hours in real time.

Can I correct time entry errors?

Daybeam's time entries and time logs can be manually edited to subtract time overages or add unreported time spent on a task.

Will Daybeam continue to track time if I am offline?

Yes. Daybeam is a web-based app. You can log in and begin tracking time from any internet-connected device from a desktop computer to your Android or iOS mobile device. Daybeam will continue to track your time until the timer is stopped. Away from the office? Spilled your Starbucks on your laptop? Wi-Fi down? No problem! Simply log in to your Daybeam account from your smartphone or tablet and continue to monitor and control your time tracker without missing a beat.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can add to Daybeam?

No. Add as many team members as you like. Daybeam is designed to help teams of all sizes manage their time.

Getting The Most Out Of Daybeam

The answers you need to optimize your Daybeam experience. 

How does Daybeam improve the time-tracking process?

Daybeam empowers business owners and team members to track billable time down to the minute. The intuitive time-tracking dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance where time is being spent, and allows you to generate accurate invoices and payroll reports. No more guesstimates, overpayments, or untracked billable hours.

How will Daybeam help improve my bottom line?

Daybeam makes it easy to see where you and your team spend your precious time. Daybeam’s comprehensive filters will allow you to view logged time by team member, task, project, and more. Use this data to identify areas where you can reallocate resources to improve efficiency, reclaim your time, and stop wasting money.

Can I track time spent on specific tasks with Daybeam?

Yes. Daybeam allows users to accurately track the time spent working on specific tasks down to the minute. Know how much time is spent on completing various tasks, or how much time has been dedicated to a particular project.

Is Daybeam reliable?

Daybeam is incredibly reliable. Daybeam is a web-based application that allows for continuous time tracking regardless of individual device connectivity. Computer crashed? Wi-Fi down? Simply log in to your Daybeam account from any Android or iOS device and keep tracking.

Does Daybeam integrate with the other apps and tools my team uses?

At this early stage, our team is focused on ensuring that Daybeam provides users with the highest quality and most reliable time-tracking experience. As we move forward we will be building integrations so that you can use Daybeam from all of your favorite work and productivity apps. Get in early and help shape the path forward.

Do you have questions?

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