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Microsoft Excel Timesheet Templates

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and well-known spreadsheet processing programs. The tool offers both desktop and online versions of the classic program allowing users to create spreadsheets for personal use on their own devices or provide access to others using the online version of Excel.

As a timesheet tool, Excel offers the benefit of familiarity. Most users, team members, and employees will recognize the platform and should be able to pick up the basic functions quickly.


Users can create a very basic timesheet to track work dates and times and calculate total hours worked by inputting a few simple headings, and formulas. Those who are looking for more complex calculations or time-tracking functions can use additional Excel formulas to perform more precise calculations.

Excel allows for a great deal of personalization as well. Add your company or brand colors, or a company logo to put your personal or professional stamp on your timesheet.

Download A Free Microsoft Excel Timesheet Template

Need a little help getting started? Get a jumpstart on creating your Excel timesheet with a free Microsoft Excel Timesheet Template.

This simple Microsoft Excel Timesheet Template can be plugged into Excel and used as-is to log your own time or the work hours of your team. The basic formulas have been provided to make it easy to get started. Feel free to edit the formulas or add your own to customize this template to meet your needs.

Click the button below to download your free Microsoft Excel Timesheet Template, open the file using Excel Desktop or Excel Online, and start tracking your time.


Is this time sheet not quite what you were looking for?

Check out Daybeam’s timesheet guide to find even more free timesheet options available to download today.