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The Top AI Time Tracker Solutions

Since the public release of the AI art generators and chatbots late last year, the term AI has become an instant part of the global vocabulary. AI can now be found everywhere from your local fast-food order counter to major motion picture studios. There are few products and services that have not been enhanced by AI in some way.

The time tracking and project management industry is no exception. In fact, while some uses of AI have been questionable at best, time-tracking and project management solutions are ideal candidates for AI enhancement.

How Does AI Improve Time Tracking Solutions?

woman using Artificial Intelligence

The incorporation of AI into time tracker software created an array of new benefits and useful features significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of many time tracking solutions and boosting overall productivity from the administration to the individual employees. Several top time trackers have leveraged the latest AI technology to offer advanced capabilities that make the process more convenient and eliminate human error.

Let’s take a look at a few of the AI-powered enhancements with the biggest impact.

AI Enhanced Reporting & Analytics

AI makes an excellent data analysis tool. An AI engine can easily filter and organize massive files full of information, pulling out just those details that you have requested and providing complete, error-free results in minutes. Administrators and team leaders can generate detailed reports providing insight into just about any set of parameters or performance indicators you can imagine. Generate comprehensive reports showing how employee time is being allocated across different tasks or projects.

Reports can also be used to help establish a baseline timeframe for completing a variety of different project types. Once established, a baseline normal range will help you identify a change in the pattern, and discover the source of the change before it has a chance to develop into an actual problem.

Advanced AI technology goes beyond filtering and presenting existing data, the latest tools can provide reliable predictive analysis helping users anticipate potential problems and take practical steps to avoid them altogether.

AI Algorithms for Precise Time Tracking

AI-powered algorithms provide many of the core automation functions for the more advanced AI-powered time-tracking tools. AI algorithms enable precise and accurate time tracking by continuously collecting and analyzing data points from a variety of sources. AI algorithms may gather data from user activity logs, timestamps, app usage records, web history, file access logs, and project management systems. The scope of the algorithm’s reach and the type of data collected will depend on the capabilities built into the specific time-tracking platform as well as the parameters chosen by the time-tracking tool administrators.

AI activity tracker

Activity Recognition For Effortless Tracking

AI-powered time trackers utilize activity recognition capabilities to seamlessly track time spent on different tasks or projects. The tool can be pre-programmed with specific data points, trained to identify specific user activities and filter them into assigned categories automatically. For example, an AI time tracker may recognize that a user is working on a specific project based on the apps or websites they are using, the keywords they are typing, or the documents they are accessing

The AI algorithms will continue to learn and become more accurate and reliable over time. Eventually, the automated time tracker should be consistently accurate enough to eliminate the need for manual input, reducing the risk of errors, and forgotten entries. providing reliable and consistent time-tracking data.

No More Forgotten Entries & Mistakes

Most standard time tracking solutions require manual input from users. The team member must remember to clock in at the start of each shift and must return to the timer to clock in and out of each task as they move from project to project throughout the workday.

The manual entry method generates multiple clock-in and clock-out time events on any given day. This translates to multiple opportunities to introduce errors or mistakes into the record. Users may forget to start or stop a timer, misjudge the time spent on a task, or inaccurately categorize their time. AI time trackers significantly reduce these errors by automating the time-tracking process. With AI algorithms analyzing data and making predictions, the risk of human error is minimized. By eliminating manual input, AI time trackers provide more reliable and consistent time-tracking data, allowing for more accurate time usage reports.

The Leading AI Time Tracker Solutions

AI innovation is still relatively new so it is not yet a standard inclusion in every time tracking tool or project management platform. There are several platforms leading the way into the future with built-in AI functionality ready to go now.

Here are some of the sharpest AI timer tracking tools making futuristic innovation available to use right now.


Daybeam Screenshot

Daybeam is one of the newer entrants in the time-tracking lineup. But being the new kid on the block certainly has its advantages. Daybeam’s development, and launch earlier this year coincided with the rollout of each new wave of AI functionality. This put Daybeam in the perfect position to build AI innovation into the platform right from the start.

It also allowed Daybeam the chance to skip the expensive upgrade process that competitors will need to factor into their bottom line. That means that unlike most of the early AI innovators, Daybeam is able to make their Startup time tracking plan available to smaller teams (up to 5 users) completely free of charge. Larger teams (up to 20 users) can purchase the Agency Plan for $49 per month to get access to all that Daybeam has to offer including the free Chrome extension and multiple integrations. Larger teams can get access to all Daybeam features for an unlimited number of users with the customized Enterprise Plan

Daybeam was designed to provide a straightforward easy-to-use time-tracking tool that was accessible and convenient for all your employees, especially remote and hybrid teams, freelancers, independent contractors, and other creative teams with team members working from different locations.

With this in mind, the platform focuses on time tracking at the task level. Larger projects can be broken down into individual tasks, and users can clock in and out of each unique task as they work on different priorities throughout the day. At this stage, the user will still need to manually clock in and clock out as they transition through their day, however, Daybeam designers built a   free Google Chrome Extension that allows users to access the Daybeam timer from anywhere in the Google Chrome browser.

While AI automated activity recognition and automated time tracking are likely in the future, right now Daybeam focuses on using the impressive computing power of AI to track individual entries over time, identifying patterns, and flag any potential issues so that they can be addressed before they have a chance to become larger problems. Daybeam’s advanced AI-powered reporting and analysis tools can be customized to cut through the noise and deliver the exact information you are looking for. You may be interested in employee productivity and labor cost data, or you may want to understand how long specific tasks require to complete, and what that means for the overall project delivery time and budget. You select the key point indicators to track and Daybeam’s smart AI will deliver the results.

Daybeam Pricing

  • The Startup Plan is FREE for up to 5 users, in up to 3 groups, using 1 workspace to track up to 50 projects
  • The Agency Plan, priced at $49 per month, expands access to 3 Workspaces, up to 10 groups, and up to 20 users tracking up to 800 tasks
  • The Enterprise Plan offers unlimited access with no cap on the number of workspaces, groups, users, or tasks you can track. Contact Daybeam for a custom price quote

Daybeam Highlights

  • 100% Free For Unlimited Users, Unlimited Tasks
  • Smart AI Algorithms Generate Detailed Employee Productivity Data & Actionable Insights
  • Track Tasks, Employees, & Teams With AI-Powered Reporting & Analysis Tools 


Clockwise screenshot

Clockwise is a cutting-edge team management, time-tracking, and project planning platform leveraging AI and Machine Learning to study your team’s behaviors and habits. The AI will learn how your team likes to work, and combine that data with your team workflow, and ability to meet deadlines. Once the AI has processed all the data about your team, your clients, your projects, and your workflow, it will use this knowledge to generate a custom schedule for the upcoming workday, color-coded, and optimized to get the best out of your unique team.

Clockwise currently uses AI to help users optimize team schedules and increase productivity. Clockwise AI algorithms can also be used to automatically schedule meetings, prioritize tasks, and reschedule calendar events to create more efficient schedules. Additionally, Clockwise’s AI features can analyze user behavior and provide personalized insights and recommendations to help users better manage their time and achieve their goals. Overall, Clockwise’s AI-powered capabilities make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to maximize their productivity and make the most of their time.

Even more AI functionality will be coming soon, as the beta version of Clockwise AI launches adding access to ChatGPT to the Clockwise platform.

Limited time tracking and scheduling function is available for free. However, users will need a paid Clockwise subscription to use any of the AI features including the Focus Time blocks, and calendar automation tools.

Clockwise Pricing

  • $0 – Access to Clockwise basic time tracking and limited calendar access features
  • $6.75 per user per month – The Teams Plan add Meeting Time, Focus Time, & Clockwise Links to the Free plan
  • $11.50 per user per month –  The Business Plan adds advanced billing and management tools plus custom workshops

Clockwise Highlights

  • AI-Powered Interactive Calendar Scheduling
  • AI-Generated Insights Used To Create Team Management Plan
  • Free Plan Limited To Basic Time Tracking & Attendance Management Features
  • Paid Plans are priced at $6.75 per month to $11.50 per month with annual billing


Timely screenshot

Timely is an advanced time-tracking tool leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize the way users manage their time. Timely uses AI to automatically capture and categorize the time that a user spends working on various tasks and projects throughout the workday, eliminating manual data entry and tracking tools.

Timely’s AI-generated time tracking and reporting features are a time-saver for employees and help ensure that administrators are always working from the most accurate and complete time logs for the best productivity analysis.

Timely’s AI capabilities also give the platform the ability to predict the future. Timely can use historical data to predict future time allocations, helping users plan their schedules more effectively.

Timely Pricing

  • Timely does not offer a free subscription plan. Instead, users are able to choose from one of 3 pricing packages according to their needs. 
  • The Starter Plan, priced at $11.50 per user per month provides access to most features for 5 users working on up to 20 projects
  • The Premium Plan, at $20 per user per month, offers access to all features and an unlimited number of projects for up to 50 users
  • The Unlimited Plan removes all remaining limitations for $28 per user per month

Timely Highlights

  • AI Algorithms Automatically Track & Record Employee Tasks
  • AI Can Be Used To Predict Future Scheduling Needs
  • Subscriptions Range From $11.50 To $28 Per User Per Month



TrackingTime stands out among AI time trackers for its visual time-blocking style. TrackingTime presents time in blocks providing users with a visually appealing and intuitive way to track their time. Tracking Time’s AI data visualization feature helps users see at a glance how they allocate their time throughout the day.

Along with its AI data visualizations, TrackingTime automatically captures and records the time employees spend working on different tasks throughout the workday, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and reducing the potential for errors or forgotten clock-in or clock-out events.

TrackingTime’s AI features can identify patterns and trends in user behavior, allowing for more accurate project planning and resource allocation. By leveraging AI, TrackingTime empowers users to optimize their time management, increase efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for improved productivity.

TrackingTime Pricing

  • TrackingTime offers a limited free plan for up to 3 users 
  • Larger teams will need to purchase a paid plan:
  • Pro Plan, at $7 per user per month, provides access to most features for an unlimited number of users and projects
  • Business Plan, at $12 per user per month adds priority support, the ability to integrate with project management platforms, and more

TrackingTime Highlights

  • Unique Visual Time Blocking Style Makes It East To Assess Time Allocation
  • AI Predictive Analysis Helps Estimate Future Needs Based On Historical Data
  • Free Plan Available With Limited Features For Up To 3 Users
  • Paid Plans Offer Unlimited Service For Unlimited Users From $7 Per User Per Month


RescueTime screenshot

RescueTime is an AI time tracker with a strong focus on employee focus and productivity. In addition to automatic time-tracking,  RescueTime also uses AI-powered employee monitoring tools to analyze employee behaviors and habits and offers suggestions for possible corrections to increase focus and limit time-wasting activities. RescueTime offers features such as distraction blocking, progress tracking, and the RescueTime Assistant, which helps users stay on track and make the most of their time. By leveraging AI technology, RescueTime helps users optimize their time usage and achieve their goals more effectively.

RescueTime is adding Smart Timesheets AI beta, to its AI time-tracking software. Timesheets AI beta automatically allocates your time to the proper project or client. AI and Machine Learning mean that the more you use the tool the better it performs. This means timesheets will take minutes to create and reduce or eliminate potential errors, or forgotten time, for more accurate billing, and payroll processing.

RescueTime announced another change, splitting the platform into two unique services: RescueTime & RescueTime Classic. RescueTime will offer simple time tracking with a stronger focus on time management and focus coaching. RescueTime Classic will still provide all of the detailed reporting, task management, and AI-powered features.

RescueTime Pricing

  • $0 – Users can access the RescueTime automatic time tracker only for free
  • $12 per user per month provides access to all RescueTime features

RescueTime Highlights

  • RescueTime Assistant Monitors Activity & Suggests Distractions To Blocks
  • FocusTime Tool Can Be Used To Block Access To Known Distractions
  • Paid Plan Is Required For Access To Full Ai Features